The Speech-Language and Hearing Association of Western New York ā€“ SHAWNY is a non-profit organization which serves speech-language and audiology professionals in the Western New York area. SHAWNY is dedicated to providing quality continuing education opportunities and providing a professional network as a vehicle of support for all members.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of SHAWNY to provide resources to speech-language and audiology professionals in the Western New York area to facilitate optimal evaluation and treatment of individuals with communicative challenges. Particularly, SHAWNY is dedicated to arranging continuing education events and encouraging a strong network of professionals to foster learning from one another.

Who We Are:


SHAWNY is a volunteer organization run by an executive council which changes on a yearly basis. SHAWNY members are encouraged to volunteer for an executive council or chair position at anytime. Council persons are elected yearly and chairs are appointed by the president(s) of the organization as necessary.

Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of the following officers: president, first vice-president, second vice-president, treasurer, corresponding secretary, and recording secretary. The following are chair positions: membership, legislative, continuing education, library, public information, scholarship, and grievance.

President: Deborah Insalaco insaladm@gmail.com

Treasurer: Kimberly Nelson kan287@gmail.com