1. ASD: Emerging Sexuality Safety Across the Lifespan

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    The workshop will provide an understanding of emerging sexuality in individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities across the lifespan, including the importance of addressing these issue long before puberty and adolescence.

    Dr. Peloquin will provide insight into the emotional and physical aspects of sexuality and relationships for individuals with ASD as well as important considerations for their parents and professionals who support them.

    Specific topics will include parent and staff concerns such as inappropriate public display, aggressive pursuit of person of interest, and possible abuse.

    She will address the rights of individuals to be sexual beings, gender and sexual identity issues, legal and ethical concerns, and specific challenges based on individual differences. Specific safety issues such as internet dangers, pornography, and dealing with law enforcement will also be highlighted.

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  2. Stuttering: Research and Resources Practical Therapy Ideas for Treating Dysfluency

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    Overview: This interactive workshop will provide participants with a review of stuttering and current research findings, along with evidence- based practice strategies, techniques and resources used in treating fluency individuals from pre-K through adulthood. Progress monitoring, goal writing and exit criteria will be discussed, as well. Participants are encouraged to bring currently used therapy materials that are typically used for articulation, language skills, vocabulary, etc. These materials will be used during a group activity to show how to incorporate them into fluency treatment/therapy activities that address the “ABC” components of stuttering disorders.

    Learning Outcomes
    Participants will be able to:
    1. Describe etiology, risk factors, and current trends in the treatment of stuttering.
    2. Model and teach targeted evidence-based fluency enhancing techniques.
    3. Identify indicators to measure progress in fluency therapy and dismissal criteria.
    4. Use at least 3 targeted activities to address the “ABC’s” of stuttering.
    5. Use materials and resources provided, in various therapy activities with students and parents.

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  3. Schools-Based Focus Group

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    Where: Milo’s Restaurant                               

                   5877 Main Street

                   Williamsville, NY

    Thursday January 3 Topic: Finally, A Guide to Parent Engagement That Works Every Time! (Encore Presentation)  **Webinar

    Speaker: Sarah Rich, Lead Teacher Champion, Snuggle Park

    There is no charge for these workshops.  A light fare will be served.  Attendees may be asked to contribute $2.00 to cover beverages.