Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of the following officers:

President, Deborah Insalaco

First Vice-President, Lindsay Sutherland Dobos

Second Vice-President, vacant

Vice-President of Audiology, Salvatore Gruttadauria

Treasurer, Kimberly Nelson

Corresponding Secretary, Kayla Fielder

Recording Secretary, Ashley Nans

The following are chair positions:

Membership, Julie Mazur

Continuing Education, Joseph Sonnenberg

Historian, vacant

Public Information, Tracy Panzarella

Scholarship, Tracy Panzarella

Electronic Information, Natalie Cavalieri

Ethical Practices and Grievance, vacant

Dena Goldstein Scholarship, Stephanie Verrico

Banquet, Angela Stranahan

School Based Group:  Gretchen Burden, Jody Marshall

If you would like to participate and/or be a part of this organization, please contact Deborah Insalaco, President, to volunteer!  It’s a wonderful opportunity.